Alex is a seasoned Associate Lighting Designer, whose expertise spans Broadway, Off-Broadway, tours, dance, operas, musicals, festivals, and a variety of live events. With a robust portfolio that showcases broad experience, Alex brings precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of the technical and artistic aspects of lighting design to every project.

In the realm of theatre and live performance, where the stakes are high and the expectations even higher, Alex's approach is defined by meticulous planning, grounded collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Having worked closely with a diverse array of designers and production teams, Alex ensures that the vision for each project is both realized and elevated, through carefully discussed lighting solutions that complement the overall production.

Management and coordination are among Alex's core strengths, with a proven track record of leading teams, managing budgets, and navigating the complexities of production schedules with competence and confidence. This capacity for thorough execution and oversight with a keen eye for detail and a steady hand makes Alex a reliable and invaluable asset to any production.

At the core of Alex's work ethic is a commitment to clear, thorough communication, ensuring alignment across all facets of a project, fostering an atmosphere that is both productive and respectful. This emphasis on a cohesive working environment is pivotal in realizing the collective success of each project. Though often hired as an assistant, Alex ends up taking on leadership roles as a result of his clear vision and distaste for nonsense in the workplace.

Alex's educational background, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University, provides a solid academic foundation to a career characterized by continuous learning, adaptation, and professional growth. Beyond his formal education, Alex has extended his expertise as an educator, contributing to the development of emerging talents at Williamstown Theatre Festival and through practical mentorship in the field. This blend of hands-on experience, formal education, and commitment to teaching underscores Alex's status as a respected figure within professional and educational spheres.

Alex Fetchko's work is a testament to the seriousness with which he approaches the craft. He is grounded in the belief that while theatre work can sometimes be trivial, the commitment to producing quality work is paramount. It’s this belief in the significance of a well-oiled production process that underscores Alex’s professional philosophy. The focus is not merely on the end product but on ensuring the journey there is smooth, natural, and devoid of unnecessary drama. Excellence, in Alex’s view, is not just an outcome, but a principle that guides every step. 

In an industry that demands both precision and a professional demeanor, Alex Fetchko stands out as a dedicated, highly skilled lighting designer, committed to excellence and the smooth orchestration of the creative process. With a career underlined by thoughtful, process-oriented work, Alex is poised to continue illuminating the path forward, enhancing stories through light with integrity, expertise, and a grounded perspective on the art and business of theater.
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