Alex is a seasoned Lighting Designer, Associate, and Programmer known for his calm confidence and precise craftsmanship. His work spans from Broadway to downtown theater and burlesque to fashion show. With a meticulous approach to planning and collaboration, he ensures that each project resonates with its audience, and is guided by a deep respect for the artistic process.
His experience spans the spectrum of entertainment lighting, where he has consistently demonstrated ride-or-die energy, strategic leadership, and creative problem-solving. His success comes from nuanced collaboration with individuals and with full production teams to ensure cohesion and integrity.
With a BFA from Boston University and other experience as a mentor, his commitment to the arts is rooted in both practice and education. He approaches every project with seriousness and a dedication to excellence, focusing on producing lighting that enhances storytelling. He is driven by the belief that the mastery of this work requires continuous innovation and a dedicated effort to learning.
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